Monday, June 27, 2011

What's Cookin' Good Lookin': Julia Matheson

If you like picking up on hotties, How’s It Cookin’, Good Lookin’ is the perfect zine for you. Julia Matheson pours her soul into the art of starry eyed crush-speak and the pick-up lines ( with the occasional "yo mamma" joke) that engender such things as love and true love. Coupled with her offbeat illustrations, How’s It Cookin’, Good Lookin’ is both good lookin’ and cookin’…with over-the-top funniness and a heart of popcorn
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Little Expressionless Film: Alex Czaja

Little Expressionless Film is your new favorite chapbook about independent filmmaking. The tallness of author Alex Czaja gives him the perfect bird’s eye on all the happenings of his fictitious sets and location spots and everything and other things as well. Fragmented into five parts, Czaja blesses the world with the fresh distinction of his prose, the formal disjunction of his narrative and the other stuff that he writes about and stuff. Buy Little Expressionless Film so that you can say you read Czaja back when.
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Spenser Conrad Goar is really into knights. He maintains an enormous collection of medieval broad swords and a fair collection of early-period Gallic armors. He’s also way into bejeweled pewter dragon miniatures and stuff like that. And, as it so happens, he’s pretty into contemporary avant garde poetry as well. Red Ink is the melding of those two worlds of interest and a promise that someday soon PaperNoise will have a lawsuit on its hands.
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Unmapped: Dylan Sands

Unmapped collects thirty poems by Dylan Sands, poems that are sun-sparked and beer-mouthed, poems that are willowy, knife-like and driving, poems with throats, God poems, poems that, carried together, might very well get you from one coast of America to somewhere nearing the other.
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Fields: Chris Dunsmore

Chris Dunsmore’s poetry operates like tiny machines, employing speck language tied together with blades of grass and leaf bits. In his debut chapbook, Fields, Dunsmore winds and loosens these minimalist contraptions, unwraps them and reassembles, lays them out: an organic cadaver collection bursting with life.
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Paper Noise Vol 2: Nick Francis Potter

PaperNoise Volume 2 is a collection of fiction, poetry, art and comics, slapped together with love and scotch tape. Casually authored by Nick Francis Potter, PN 2 also features a downloadable mix of music, this time inspired by the work featured in the zine rather than the other way around. Potter describes it as “something.”
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Paper Noise Vol 1

PaperNoise Volume 1 is a collage of fiction, poetry, comics and art collectively inspired by a fashionable mix of music and featuring the works of Nathan Hauke, Chris Dunsmore, Nick Francis Potter, Samuel Cheney, Matthew Biggs, Julia Matheson, Michelle Alba, Ben Dougal, Evan Jed Memmott, Cassie Kemp, Brandon Patterson and Adam Nuefeld. The cover is screen printed by Potter Press
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